International Homeopathy Week

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The International Week of Homeopathy takes place every year from the 10th. Homeopaths around the world are raising awareness of Homeopathy this week through a wide variety of activities.

In Germany too, homeopaths actively inform the public about homeopathy as a safe, gentle and effective therapy. The theme of the week this year is "Homeopathy for Men".

Homeopathy for men The term "men's health" has become increasingly established in recent years. This takes into account the encouraging development that “men” are more aware of their health today. Complaints from male patients are therefore no longer reduced to urological problems alone.

The Association of Classical Homeopaths (VKHD) supports the campaigns around the “International Week of Homeopathy” in Germany. Among other things, he created a separate info flyer for the topic, which you can also order as a non-member for your campaigns at a price of € 8.00 / 50 pieces from the VKHD office. You can find more information on the VKHD website. (pm)

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