Lent: Many do not fast

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Many refrain from fasting

Around a third of Christian Lent is now over, but for many people this is of no importance in this country. As a survey shows, only a few adhere to Lent and fasting for purely religious reasons does not matter to the majority.

I do what I enjoy Fasting actually means doing without. But many people in this country prefer not to fast. Christian Lent between Ash Wednesday and Easter lasts exactly 40 days. But for many Germans, abstinence and relinquishment for religious reasons hardly play a role during these weeks. According to a representative survey by the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau", the vast majority of those surveyed emphasized that they behaved "exactly as usual" during Lent (86.6 percent). With 74.6 percent, around three quarters of women and men do not want to be dictated by religious traditions and say: “I always do what I enjoy.” The survey of 2,229 women and men aged 14 and over was carried out by the GfK Marktforschung Nürnberg carried out.

Lent only important for Christians Those who step shorter would then do so regardless of the calendar or religious guidelines. According to the survey, about one in three (34.4 percent) keep their personal Lent from time to time, but not necessarily between Ash Wednesday and Easter. At 71.3 percent, around seven out of ten people see no point in voluntarily restricting themselves during Lent. About two thirds of Germans (63.5 percent) believe that Lent before Easter is only important for practicing Christians.

Reasonable reasons for fasting But even without a religious background there are reasonable reasons to take time for healthy fasting and detoxification. Fasting should be mentioned above all, a recognized naturopathic treatment that is supposed to prevent and cure diseases. This method is often done in special fasting clinics and generally takes two to four weeks. Therapeutic fasting is used for a wide variety of diseases, such as joint diseases, skin diseases, allergies, tendency to infections, indigestion, obesity, high blood pressure or circulatory disorders. (sb)

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