Relieve back pain through exercise

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Healthy back through targeted exercises and movement

Back pain is one of the common ailments of the Germans. Poor posture and insufficient exercise are usually the cause of the symptoms, while a serious illness is rarely responsible for low back pain. Before the 13th day of back health, experts explain what helps against tense, overstretched or atrophied muscles in the back.

How to prevent back pain On March 15th, the day of back health takes place every year. Under the motto "Do it for you - 15 minutes of back fitness every day!" There are nationwide campaigns around the topic of "healthy back". The day is organized by the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR) and the campaign Healthy Back (AGR).

According to the AGR, 90 percent of back pain is not due to a serious illness. Rather, muscle tension due to poor posture, lack of exercise and one-sided stress are the triggers of the symptoms. "The causes are the same for almost everyone affected: too little exercise, untrained muscles, stress and other psychological stress," explains this year's patron of the campaign day, Professor Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne.

Ulrich Kuhnt, board member of the BdR, knows how important back fitness is: "Scientific studies clearly confirm that physical activities have a positive effect on the occurrence of back pain and its consequences, such as the number of sick days." According to the AGR, back fitness includes not only physical but also psycho-social components. "An important goal to strengthen the back is to improve the coordination skills," reports Kuhnt. "The most effective are training programs on unstable documents, such as pads and spinning tops, as well as with swing bars, such as the Flexi-Bar." However, it is not absolutely necessary for a good back fitness to visit a fitness studio Exercises in everyday life. This starts with brushing your teeth in the morning while balancing on one leg, continues with dynamic sitting in the office and ends in the evening with special back exercises on the carpet in front of the television, "explains Kuhnt.

Supporting your back with an upright posture "The aim should be to re-learn body awareness and an upright posture", sports scientist Heike Streicher from the University of Leipzig told the news agency "dpa". "For example, you should always change the sitting position." Long stays in one position, on the other hand, are unfavorable. Gentle stretching exercises and mobilization such as circling the shoulders or pulling up and dropping the shoulders again promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism of the surrounding muscles. In this way, waste materials are discharged from the tissue and muscles and joints are loosened. “You should also make everyday life more active,” says Streicher. Walking instead of driving and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are just a few examples of how movement can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Every day a 15-minute back training should be completed, which begins with a short warm-up phase with arm circles and walking on the spot. Then there are strengthening exercises, for example from Yoga or Pilates. In addition, targeted exercises can be completed with the Theraband. The training should end with thorough stretching exercises. Certain sports are also suitable for strengthening the back. "Balanced sports are also ideal," explains Christoph Eichhorn from the German Orthopedic Association in Saarbrücken to the news agency. These can include Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Aqua Fitness. "Walking is perfect because it serves many muscles, but is gentle on the joints and promotes joint mobility," said the orthopedist. "It is crucial that exercise is fun." (Ag)

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