Death drug crystal meth increasingly popular

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Crystal Meth is becoming an “everyday drug”

The dangerous drug "crystal meth" is on the rise: the white, crystalline and highly effective stimulant, which was formerly known primarily as a party drug, seems to be used more and more in everyday life to improve performance. The methamphetamine is extremely dangerous because it is extremely addictive, so that in many cases a single use of the drug is enough to become dependent.

Highly concentrated form of the stimulant amphetamine extremely dangerous Methamphetamine, short "crystal meth", is a highly concentrated form of the stimulant amphetamine, which is consumed by all age groups, but so far primarily as a "party drug" in the club scene - also under the names "Ice" or "Glass" - was known. But now a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Health has shown that crystal meth appears to be increasingly becoming an “everyday drug” and is being used by both employees and schoolchildren to improve performance. As reported by “Spiegel”, 50% of the 400 drug users surveyed stated that in addition to the “pleasant effect of the substance”, the profession was the reason for taking methamphetamine. According to the magazine, just under three quarters of the respondents had also stated that they used the drug at raves or parties, and crystal meth also played a role in relation to sexuality for more than half (50.3%) of the consumers surveyed.

Trade is booming, especially in the German-Czech border area According to the study, many users get their “stuff” from abroad, especially in the German-Czech border area, the trade with crystal meth seems to be booming, which has meanwhile become particularly big for Saxony and Bavaria Problem. But that's not all, because as the federal government drug commissioner Marlene Mortler (CSU) told the magazine, there are "indications of an expansion of the drug from the German-Czech border region to regions further away from the border, especially in major German cities". For this reason, the politician is urgently in need of more information - a topic of the study, which Marlene Mortler is expected to publish later this week.

Increasing the performance of the central consumption motif Crystal meth therefore no longer seems to be an exotic party drug, but has developed into a very ordinary street drug that is consumed by more and more people - even outside the drug scene. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the number of "first-noticeable" crystal consumers rose again significantly in 2012 to 2,556 (2011: 1,693) 88 percent). Accordingly, crystal meth - similar to cocaine - has apparently become an everyday drug, in which many users are not concerned with “getting drunk”, but above all with increasing their own performance - an aspect that is becoming more and more of a tight schedule , (to) high demands and overloaded working world plays a central role. Especially in professions or industries in which countless overtime hours, project and weekend work as well as constant pressure are part of normal everyday life, stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine can bring the supposed "kick" to meet the requirements and achieve top performance . But the danger is immense - because with crystal meth in particular, the risk of dependence is huge due to the chemical composition, often the first contact with the drug is enough. (No)

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