Cycling to work can prevent depression

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Daily bike rides to work strengthen physical and mental health

Physical exercise not only has benefits for physical health, but also has a positive effect on the psyche. The daily bike tour to work can be beneficial in two ways, reports the German Society for Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine (DGAUM) in a current press release from the news agency "dpa". Cycling makes you fit and can prevent depression.

DGAUM expert Andreas Tautz explained that the body breaks down stress hormones and calories when cycling. Therefore, the daily bike tour to work "is an effective way to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system and the psyche." However, inexperienced cyclists are advised to exercise a certain degree of caution. A bicycle helmet is mandatory here. In addition, if there is a certain degree of uncertainty, you should not drive in heavy traffic, but instead - where possible - use separate bike paths. If you are cycling in the dark because the work starts accordingly early or ends after dark, you can increase your own safety on the road by wearing a reflective safety vest or other reflectors.

Bicycle should be adapted to ergonomic needs Furthermore, according to the DGAUM expert Andreas Tautz, the choice of the bicycle is decisive. "Just because I was racing 16 when I was 16 shouldn't buy one again at 50," emphasizes Tautz. Here, detailed advice is advisable before choosing the bike. In addition to roadworthiness, the “ergonomic needs” of cyclists are of particular importance, reports the expert. So the "handlebar and saddle height as well as the position of the pedals should be adapted to the height of the driver", which not only serves for comfort, but also for your own safety in road traffic. In addition, possible incorrect postures and corresponding incorrect loads can be avoided. (fp)

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