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Federal Minister of Health expects lower health insurance contributions for 20 million insured

According to the coalition plan, health insurance companies will be allowed to raise additional contributions dependent on income in the future, the amount of which the insurance companies will determine themselves. At the same time, there is no uniform special contribution for employees. Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) expects relief for around 20 million insured. In the coming year, insureds could choose between cheaper and more expensive health insurers, Gröhe told the "Passauer Neue Presse".

Supposed relief for the insured could become an additional burden According to the Federal Health Minister, some health insurance companies would charge an additional contribution of the same amount instead of the current special contribution of 0.9 percent. Then nothing changes for the insured. However, there are also funds that are financially so well off that they can demand a lower additional contribution. "Still others will increase their additional contribution," said Gröhe to the newspaper. "According to our calculations, next year, around 20 million insured could be relieved by lower contributions." At the same time, the health insurance companies can no longer pay premiums to their insured, which currently benefits around ten million insured.

However, experts estimate that the additional contributions will increase rather than decrease in the coming years. For example, an increase of between 1.5 and 1.7 percent of income is expected for 2017 - at the expense of the insured. (ag)

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