Fasting: Fast healthy from Wednesday

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Avoid sweets and alcohol during Lent

Not only does Carnival end on Ash Wednesday, Lent begins. Ten percent of Germans want to either completely avoid solid foods or at least sweets or alcohol in the next ten days. This emerges from a survey by the market research institute "YouGov". The religious background of fasting plays a role for very few.

Mostly fasting is done for health reasons. In Christianity, Lent is used to remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert - fasting and praying. Lent is ended on Holy Saturday. According to a survey by "YouGov" commissioned by the "German Press Agency", it is less a matter of religion than health that plays a role in the decision to fast.

At least ten percent of German adults want to do without something during Lent. Another nine percent are still unsure. According to the survey, 53 percent of those who wanted to fast said they had health reasons. "47 percent want to prove to themselves or others that they can still give up a certain habit," reports the market research institute. 20 percent stated a consumer-critical attitude as the reason for the fast. 27 percent each see fasting as a tradition or have religious reasons for not doing so.

Fasting without a cell phone and smartphone According to the survey, most of those who wanted to fast (44 percent), who had fasted before, held out. 42 percent became weak in between, but then continued to fast. Only 14 percent broke the fast.

There are many different things to do with fasting. “74 percent of the fasting do without sweets. 52 percent want to stay away from alcohol. 30 percent do not want to eat meat, 24 percent do not want to smoke for 40 days, ”wrote the market research institute in a statement. 13 percent of those surveyed want to do without their mobile phones, eleven percent do without coffee, seven percent use television and six percent do not use sex.

Therapeutic fasting in naturopathy Few people actually think of therapeutic fasting during Lent, which is practiced to purify and regenerate the body. Different types of fasting are distinguished in naturopathy. In some cases, only juice and vegetable broth are drunk in order to adequately dispense with vitamins and minerals despite the lack of solid food. At other fasting cures, the participants take nothing but water and tea. Anyone who decides to go on fasting should seek medical advice and advice beforehand. Patients with cancer or hyperthyroidism are usually discouraged. Fasting can also be a health hazard if you have a previous eating disorder or underweight. (ag)

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