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Shift workers are particularly at risk from an unhealthy lifestyle

Shift work and its effects on the biorhythm are associated with various negative health effects. Therefore shift workers should avoid additional health risks such as smoking, obesity and lack of exercise, reports the news agency "dpa", citing the German Society for Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine (DGAUM).

A healthy lifestyle is particularly important for shift workers, because their disturbed biorhythm makes them more susceptible to various diseases. For example, employees on shift work should "avoid obesity and smoking -", the news agency "dpa" quotes DGAUM expert Michael Nasterlack. Although there is currently no clear evidence of a possible connection between shift work and cancer risk, this cannot be completely ruled out. Shift workers should therefore avoid any other risk factors that could favor cancer, Nasterlack explained.

The specialist advises shift workers "to exercise for half an hour at least twice a week", whereby endurance sports such as swimming or cycling are recommended. This strengthens the constitution, helps reduce stress and can prevent the development of weight problems. If the person is overweight, this should slowly be reduced, according to the expert. According to Nasterlack, shift workers often tend to have unhealthy eating habits, which is why more and more regular, balanced meals are required. In addition, according to Nasterlack, smokers should definitely give up their addiction, since the risk of cancer here may increase disproportionately for shift workers. Individual studies also came to the conclusion that shift workers are more likely to suffer from diabetes and obesity because, for example, night work disturbs the day-night rhythm. (fp)

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