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DZVhÄ corrects GWUP

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) has corrected a leaflet on homeopathy published by the Society for the Scientific Study of Para Sciences (GWUP). So that the GWUP text remains legible, the almost 30 DZVhÄ annotations were placed in red next to the marked text.

In this leaflet, the skeptics do not live up to their scientific claim: claims are made and not substantiated, study results are interpreted unilaterally, wrong statements about medicine and medical history formulated - in many places the reader's ignorance of medical homeopathy simply catches the eye.

Various media have reported on the correction of the flyer, there was a lot of discussion on the DZVhÄ blog. The Deutsche Apothekerzeitung online wrote that the correction had resulted in an "entertaining brochure" that "shows how worlds collide when it comes to homeopathy." DocCheck about the DZVhÄ criticism: Very serious, but still with a wink, they work central arguments of the critics. The corrected flyer and the discussion can be found at www.dzvhae-homoeopathie-blog.de. (pm)

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