Patients rely on homeopathy

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Pharmacists and insured people rely on homeopathy

The Landesapothekerkammer Baden-Württemberg announced that over 1,000 pharmacists have received further training in homeopathy last year. For the President of the Chamber of Pharmacists, Dr. Günther Hanke, these good numbers are not a surprise:

“Baden-Württemberg is homeopathy country. Both the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacists in the federal state are leading in a national comparison in terms of competence and experience with homeopathy. "

A representative survey by the health insurance company mhplus among 1,000 German citizens showed that 43 percent of those surveyed preferred to take homeopathic or herbal supplements in the event of illness. 44 percent are convinced that this medicine often works as well as chemical drugs. Many patients fear that they will have to bear the additional costs of homeopathic treatment alone. That is why four out of ten Germans prefer to avoid homeopathy. The fact is, however, that around 80 statutory health insurers now take care of homeopathic treatment at the contract doctor. Two thirds of the Germans want acupuncture, homeopathy and osteopathy to be covered by their health insurance.

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