High cold risk due to mild winter

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Mild winter increases the risk of catching a cold

Winter has been extremely mild this year. The currently relatively warm weather drives many outdoors. But sunbathing in airy clothing can quickly end with a cold. If the winter is mild, there is an increased risk of having a flu infection. However, most people believe that "cold winter days produce more colds".

Coldness is underestimated This year, winter was particularly mild. In some people, spring feelings are already spreading because of the relatively warm temperatures. But those who are lured outside by the double-digit temperatures should have a jacket in their luggage because it quickly gets fresh in the evening. Light clothing increases the susceptibility to colds. And even sunbathing in airy clothing can quickly end with a cold. "The problem is that you underestimate the cold," says Thomas Aßmann from the German Family Association. As the specialist for internal medicine from Lindlar near Cologne warns, the risk of droplet infection is especially great in large crowds such as the upcoming carnival celebrations.

Nature is too early this year. And even for those suffering from pollen allergy and hay fever, it is important to have your handkerchiefs ready earlier this year, because the first pollen from early bloomers is already flying. Aßmann warns: "Nature is three to six weeks early this year, which is why the first allergic reactions can already occur." The winter months have "been warmer for a few years and therefore the pollen is flying earlier and earlier". Those affected are advised not to spend unnecessarily long in the forest or park, where there is a lot of pollen.

Daylight to combat spring tiredness Aßmann also advises those who do not have to deal with pollen "to spend a lot of time in the sun to counteract spring tiredness". Because the responsible vitamin D is not only absorbed through food, but also formed by the body in direct sunlight on the skin. The body's vitamin D reserves are exhausted after the winter months and that makes you tired. The hormone balance also plays a role. In winter, the waking hormone serotonin is missing, but the melatonin level is high. When the body can soak up daylight, it releases more serotonin. In order to cope better with spring tiredness, an alternating shower for activating the circulation and rubbing with a brush is also recommended in naturopathy in the morning. (sb)

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