If you have kidney infections, go to the doctor quickly

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In the case of kidney inflammation, see a doctor immediately: Resistance complicates therapy, there is a risk of blood poisoning

Anyone who feels severe pain in the side of the abdomen and back and suffers from fever, chills, nausea and burning sensation when urinating should immediately consult a urologist. This is pointed out by the Uro-GmbH North Rhine medical network. Especially those who suffer from cystitis every now and then should pay attention to symptoms. Acute pelvic inflammation often develops from untreated cystitis. Bacteria reach the kidney via the bladder and ureter, where they settle and multiply. If you ignore symptoms, you run the risk of bacteria entering the entire organism via the bloodstream.

Women are particularly at risk for inflammation of the kidney, as they suffer from bladder infections more often due to the shorter urethra. "In addition, the risk increases during pregnancy and menopause because the body is exposed to hormonal fluctuations," explains Dr. Rheinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of Uro-GmbH Nordrhein. "Even those who have kidney and bladder stones or congenital urinary drainage obstructions, as well as men who have an enlarged prostate, belong to the risk group." Metabolic disorders such as diabetes or gout also play a role in the development of the disease. Antibiotics are the treatment of choice for inflammation of the renal pelvis. Affected people then often take antibiotics for up to several weeks, should drink a lot and also need bed rest. The choice of the right antibiotic is now in the hands of urologists due to increasing resistance. If the diagnosis is suspicious, they test the urine in the laboratory before starting therapy. In addition to determining the type of bacteria, they also examine which antibiotic is effective.

"Acute inflammation of the kidney pelvis must be recognized as quickly as possible and treated effectively so that it does not change into a chronic condition and in the worst case lead to kidney failure or end in sepsis, i.e. blood poisoning," emphasizes Dr. Shepherd. Those affected are best advised to consult a specialist immediately at the first sign. As a preventative measure, urologists recommend people with a tendency to frequent cystitis to drink a lot, keep their abdomen and feet warm, and to go to the toilet immediately if they have to urinate and have sexual intercourse. (pm)

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