Frequent menstrual pain indicates endometriosis

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Menstruation: frequent menstrual pain indicating endometriosis

If women experience pain frequently during their period, this can be an indication of a serious illness. Those affected should have the cause clarified by a doctor. The trigger could be endometriosis, a chronic disease that is one of the most common causes of infertility.

Get frequent menstrual pain to be clarified by a doctor If women experience pain again and again during their menstruation, this can indicate a serious illness. Affected people are advised to have the cause clarified by a doctor. The cause of the symptoms could be the chronic disease endometriosis, in which the endometrium overgrows outside the uterus and leads to inflammation and adhesions. This is indicated by the European Endometriosis League (EEL) on the occasion of Endometriosis Awareness Week (March 3 to 9).

Early diagnosis important for therapy According to the EEL, 70-80 percent of all women with chronic pelvic pain are diagnosed with endometriosis as the cause of this pain. About every tenth woman falls ill. Estimates assume that around half of all women who cannot have children have endometriosis. In order to initiate therapy in good time, an early diagnosis is particularly important. “If the therapy starts too late, unnecessary valuable time may have passed. As we get older, the fertility rate is increasingly impaired, ”says EEL board member PD Dr. Stefan Renner in a press release. He strongly advises: “Go to the doctor immediately if you have the typical symptoms. This includes severe and recurring pelvic pain, painful menstrual bleeding, but also pain during sex and bowel movements. "

Hormone preparations for the complaints As a rule, those affected are treated with hormone preparations such as the contraceptive pill to alleviate the most cyclical complaints. If that is not enough, the pain-causing tissue can be surgically removed. Some women even endure this procedure several times to finally get relief. However, there are women whose pain worsens.

Alternative treatment options
With endometriosis, alternative healing methods are increasingly recommended. These include homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture. Overweight people should reduce their weight. A healthy diet, avoiding milk, dairy products and wheat and eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, cold-pressed oils such as evening primrose oil, olive oil and linseed oil, as well as fatty sea fish because of the omega-3 fatty acids, helps many patients to alleviate the symptoms alleviate. (ad)

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