Department store cleared: 26 customers with breathing difficulties

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Department store cleared: 26 customers with breathing difficulties

An electronics market had to be cleared yesterday in Neu-Ulm, Bavaria. Biting smell had spread because of a defective TV part. 26 customers were treated for breathing difficulties.

One person as a precaution to the hospital Yesterday Saturday, a media store in Neu-Ulm in Bavaria had to be vacated at short notice. Biting smell had spread in the electronics market in the Offenhausen district. As a result, many customers complained of breathing difficulties. The rushed rescue workers treated 26 people on site as outpatients. One person was taken to the nearest hospital as a precaution for chest pain.

Defective TV component as the cause According to the police, the cause of the incident was a defective component in a television set. In addition, the police press release says: "The fire department was unable to make any findings during the subsequent measurement of possible pollutants. After thorough ventilation of the purchase market, sales were resumed.
There was no damage to property. ”(Ad)

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