Massages don't always help with back pain

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In the case of chronic back complaints, see a doctor

If you suffer from back pain, you can quickly do something good with a relaxing massage. Often, however, such an application does not help in the long term, instead the symptoms appear chronically and develop into a real "everyday suffering". If this is the case, those affected should definitely seek medical help to clarify the cause of the persistent pain and to be able to initiate appropriate treatment steps.

Back pain is developing into “everyday suffering” for many people. Back pain has meanwhile become a real common ailment and can become a great burden for those affected. In most cases, muscle tension is responsible for the pain in the back, which can be caused, among other things, by stress, fears or anger, but also by lack of movement, an unfavorable sitting position during work, incorrect positions or incorrect lifting or carrying. In many cases, beneficial massages help to relieve tension and thereby relieve the symptoms.

Massages for serious illnesses tend to be counterproductive. However, if the pain persists for a few days or radiates to other parts of the body, these can indicate a serious illness such as a herniated disc or a rheumatic disease and should therefore always be carefully examined by a doctor . Because back pain is the cause of an illness, a massage is often counterproductive and can even aggravate the symptoms, said Detlef Detjen of the Healthy Back Campaign (AGR) to the news agency "dpa".

“Not every time you go to the doctor” According to Detjen, those affected should check exactly what the pain in their back is like. So you don't have to go to the doctor “with every little thing,” but chronic complaints should still be taken seriously. In order to be able to live pain-free in the future, the expert recommends above all sufficient exercise to strengthen the back or muscles. Even small changes in everyday life could bring positive effects, such as climbing stairs instead of the elevator or cycling for the way to work. In addition to this, there are numerous exercises for back pain that can be used to quickly and easily alleviate the symptoms. In addition to the movement, it is just as important for the back specialist to eat a healthy and balanced diet and to reduce excess weight - because this would also promote back pain, Detjen continued to the dpa.

Herbal remedies and relaxation techniques can help in a natural way In addition to these measures, naturopathy also offers numerous options that - depending on the underlying cause - from appropriate Schüssler salts and homeopathic remedies to special processes such as hydrotherapy or radon heat therapy to herbal remedies such as arnica, Eucalyptus oil or oil from pine and spruce needles, which are used in the form of ointments, sprays or bath oil. Since back pain often also occurs with psychological stress, special relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation can help to overcome conflicts and relieve tension in order to regain a healthy mental balance. (No)

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