Bearded swamp helmet instead of asthma spray

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With Chinese medicine the natural way to persevere

Physical exertion, especially with cold air, dust, cigarette smoke, acute infections or allergens - many stimuli trigger an asthma attack. Anyone who has ever struggled with sudden shortness of breath will be particularly bothered by the ignorance of when the next attack will come. When the feeling of breathing through a straw spreads, asthma sprays provide enough air in the lungs again. However, they do not prevent the next asthma attack. It is different with Chinese medicine, which grabs the disease evil at the root and thus reduces the frequency of breathlessness.

Asthma attributes Chinese medicine to misguided body processes, often beginning in childhood. If infections do not go through completely and important cleaning processes such as coughing or runny nose are hindered by premature medication, inflammation products accumulate. In order to get rid of it anyway, the body is looking for other ways of evacuation. The bronchi function in asthma, the skin acts as a pressure relief valve in other diseases such as neurodermatitis. "To get to the bottom of the causes of asthma, Chinese medicine unrolls the entire medical history and goes back to childhood," says Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at Steigerwald, the start of therapy. Above all, according to the Chinese perspective, the cold that penetrated the body with early colds causes allergy or infection-related inflammations in later asthmatics, which sink from the nasal cavity into the bronchi. In the medical history, it often turns out that many patients receive antibiotics, nasal sprays and cortisone from childhood. "After a thorough analysis of the patient's history, we slowly discontinue conventional medicine during the course of therapy," adds Dr. Schmincke. “Asthma sprays interfere with the treatment. Adrenaline-like substances damage the lung qi, the energy flow of the respiratory tract and cortisone hinder the cleaning processes of the mucous membranes. Both lead to the accumulation of internal mucus. "

TCM experts achieve long-term successful results in asthma treatment with the help of Chinese medicines, the most important method in Chinese medicine. Depending on the symptoms, TCM doctors create an individual prescription for the patient. Medicinal ingredients such as the root of the Bearded Swamp Helmet have a drying and cooling effect. In the case of a dry cough, bitter almonds and the root of a Chinese bellflower are usually used in the recipe. In turn, patients with acute shortness of breath administer TCM experts skullcap and Chinese mugwort. "The Chinese herbal medicines support the elimination of inflammation from the body, strengthen its natural clarifying function and help it regain an effective immune system," says Dr. Schmincke their effect. “In any case, Chinese medicine therapy belongs in the trained hands of a TCM doctor. Because what helps one person can increase complaints in another. ”In the short term, acupuncture also effectively alleviates symptoms. Qi Gong exercises and a vegetarian diet with few milk products are also very helpful. (pm)

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