Sometimes less is more for back pain

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In the case of non-specific back pain, the following often applies: "less is more"

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for sick leave in Germany. The causes of the suffering are as diverse as possible therapies against it. An expert now advises reluctance to treat unspecific back pain and says: "Less is more."

Less is more Back pain is one of the most common reasons for sick leave in Germany. Reasons for suffering can include incorrect posture or stress. In the meantime, people are increasingly advised to wait and see if they have a low back pain. Compared to the latest issue of Apotheken Umschau (2/2014 B), Professor Marcus Schiltenwolf said: “I strongly advise against senseless measures such as syringes or immediate X-rays. Less is more. ”The orthopedist heads the pain therapy department at the orthopedic clinic of the Heidelberg University Hospital.

Waiting for six weeks with X-rays Often, X-ray findings would not explain the reason for the pain. The National Low Back Pain Guideline recommends that X-rays should be delayed for six weeks. However, this only applies if the doctor assumes “unspecific back pain”. This means that the cause of the pain cannot be clearly assigned to physical changes and there are no alarm signals such as numbness, paralysis, fractures or nerve damage. In the vast majority of cases, however, this is the case. “Don't give up exercise and use your body well again. Reduce fear, ”advises Schiltenwolf. "And understand the role of stress and unmet needs in life."

Physical exercise for prevention Regardless of whether the back pain was caused by psychological stress, lack of exercise or poor posture at work, according to experts, physical exercise is quite suitable for prevention. Even small measures such as walks during lunch break can have a promising effect here. And in acute cases, back pain exercises can relieve suffering, such as hanging on a horizontal bar or stretching. In all exercises, however, freedom from pain is the top priority. (sb)

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