Occasional smokers are also smokers

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Occasional smokers are smokers

Some people emphasize again and again that they only smoke occasionally and are therefore not really smokers. But American researchers are now saying that occasional smokers are very likely to be smokers.

Every smoked cigarette is harmful Smoking is being socially outlawed in most countries around the world. This is one reason why more and more casual smokers would count themselves among the non-smokers. But American researchers are now saying that occasional smokers are also very likely to be smokers. In contrast to alcohol, there is no lower limit for smoking, below which it does not harm the body. Every single cigarette smoked is bad for humans.

Every fifth non-smoker smokes every day Many occasional smokers would not consider themselves smokers, reports Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy and his colleagues from the University of California in San Diego, USA. As the scientists write in the trade journal "Tobacco Control", an estimated 12.3 percent of all smoking Californians would not confess to tobacco use. And this against the background that one in five of these “non-confessors” even smokes every day. The team around Al-Delaimy had analyzed a survey and defined all persons as smokers who indicated that they only occasionally smoked, had smoked at least one cigarette in the past 30 days or over 100 cigarettes in their whole life.

Correct numbers about smokers distorted According to the researchers, these occasional smokers can be divided into two groups. One group included young people who smoke on social occasions, such as a party, and who believe they are not dependent. And in the other you can find over 45-year-olds who used to smoke regularly and tried to stop smoking but never made it. Smokers who claim to be non-smokers not only distorted the correct social figures, but also harmed themselves. “Because they wrongly believe that they are not smokers and therefore do not intend to quit smoking, these occasional smokers continue to face the consequences from smoking tobacco, ”says Al-Delaimy.

Consequences of tobacco smoking Consequences of tobacco smoking can include numerous illnesses. The absorption of tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other pollutants via the lungs leads to increased cancer in the throat and larynx, esophagus and lungs. In addition, there are severe respiratory complaints such as asthma, chronic bronchitis or smoking cough. Furthermore, the cardiovascular system is affected when smoking. This results, for example, in coronary artery disease and the associated increased risk of heart attack. Tobacco consumption is also considered a significant risk factor for a stroke. So there are enough reasons to quit smoking. (ad)

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