Shift work is also possible after a heart attack

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Shift work after a heart attack is still possible

Employees are often advised not to continue working shifts after a heart attack. An expert now explains that it is not always the best idea for those affected to stop working shifts.

Do not leave shift work too quickly Employees are often advised not to continue working shifts after a heart attack. But leaving it prematurely is not always the best solution, as Michael Nasterlack from the German Society for Occupational Medicine (DGAUM) explained. Because those affected would then have to change their team and might be assigned a task that they are less interested in. Often this leads to more stress for shift workers than if they would stay in their old job.

Stop smoking after a heart attack. Those who like to work shifts should ideally first clarify with a doctor whether they have concerns. If the doctor does not speak out against this, the employee should pay more attention to keeping further stress on the heart as low as possible. Shift workers should no longer smoke after a heart attack, for example, and should exercise for 30 minutes at least twice a week. Among other things, swimming or cycling would be well suited for this. In addition, overweight people should reduce their weight slowly.

Shift work poses a health risk Compared to work at regular working hours, shift work generally poses an increased health risk. This is especially true when rework is included. The irregular working hours can lead to sleep disorders, among other things. In addition, shift work increases the risk of developing diabetes, as US researchers have found. Other diseases that are often associated with (night) shift work are headache, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. (ad)

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