Prevention courses: Central test center opened

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Prevention courses: Health insurance companies set up a central test center

In the future, prevention courses for insured persons will be subject to quality control. To this end, several large statutory health insurance companies have set up a central prevention test center. This should ensure more quality, less testing and a better overview of 360,000 courses.

119 participating health insurance companies with 47 million insured persons. Prevention courses for insured persons are to be subject to quality control with immediate effect. In order to ensure this, the Association of Alternative Health Insurance Funds (vdek) (Barmer GEK, Techniker Krankenkasse, DAK-Gesundheit, Commercial Health Insurance Fund - KKH, HEK - Hanseatische Krankenkasse, hkk), the BKK umbrella association, the IKK classic, the miners, the social insurance for agriculture, forestry and horticulture, the BIG directly healthy and the IKK Brandenburg and Berlin set up a joint test center for prevention courses since January 1st, 2014. 47 million citizens are insured in the 119 health insurers involved.

More than 360,000 courses offered In future, the inspection body should ensure that the currently more than 360,000 courses offered by these health insurers in the field of prevention are checked uniformly with regard to their quality. This should happen centrally and individual checks of the cash registers should be omitted in the future. In a communication from the participating health insurers, the new concept relates to courses offered in the areas of “exercise”, “nutrition”, “stress management / relaxation” and “addictive substance use”. Course providers can upload their concepts to the quality portal and receive information within ten days as to whether the course meets the qualitative requirements. The positively tested courses would be subsidized by the respective cash register.

Checked courses on the websites of the health insurance companies The quality-tested prevention courses can be called up by the insured on the respective website of their health insurance company. The database now contains around 369,000 tested courses from around 116,000 providers from all over the Republic. The health insurance companies are legally obliged to check in particular the qualifications of course providers as well as proof of performance and trainer manuals. If a prevention course is to be subsidized, it must meet all legal quality requirements. Franz Knieps, board member of the BKK umbrella association, explained in a message from the participating insurance companies: "Up to now, each health insurance company checked the courses itself. This could lead to different test results for the same course and provider." Double checks at the insurance companies and different ratings of the Thanks to the much more efficient testing procedure, course quality will be a thing of the past in the future.

Quality check new every three years The chairwoman of the board of the Association of Replacement Funds, Ulrike Elsner, now expects a quality boost in the prevention courses. In the future, the courses that were tested were awarded the “German Standard Prevention” seal, meaning that every insured person could immediately see which courses were meeting the required standards. “Only the providers who offer the required quality can be subsidized by the health insurance companies. All health insurance companies regulate the amount of the subsidy individually via their statutes, ”says Elsner. The courses also have to go through a quality check every three years. Elsner emphasizes: "This regular, central check ensures that the (well-intentioned) competition among health insurers does not compromise quality." The newly established test center has also attracted attention from other health insurers. For example, AOK Rheinland / Hamburg joined the cooperation on February 1, 2014, AOK Nordwest and IKK Südwest were about to sign the contract, and accession talks were also underway with the other AOKs. (ad)

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