Naturopathy: Coriander oil helps with athlete's foot

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Study shows: Coriander oil helps with athlete's foot

Researchers from Freiburg examined the antifungal effects of coriander on athlete's foot. Even if the results showed no statistically significant differences, the approach is promising.

The scientists examined 40 subjects who suffered from athlete's foot between the toes. The participants were randomly assigned to two groups and treated either with a coriander ointment or with placebo (ointment without active ingredient). They had to apply the respective ointment to the affected areas twice a day for 28 days. After 14 and 28 days, the participants entered a questionnaire as to whether the athlete's foot symptoms had improved. At the same time, microbial samples were taken from the test persons' footwell and microscopic analyzes were carried out.

Patients in the coriander ointment group showed a significant improvement in athlete's foot symptoms at the end of the observation period, which was confirmed by lowering the fungal cultures using the microscopic measurement. The test persons also tolerated the ointment with coriander oil well. However, the differences were not statistically significant. (Source).

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