Mandatory pill check required for patients

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Health insurance company boss calls for pill checks

The head of the commercial health insurance (KKH), Ingo Kailuweit, demands that patients who take several medicines should be obliged to have them checked regularly. For example, an independent institute could be commissioned to do this.

More than five drugs at the same time In the future, patients who take more than five drugs at the same time should be obliged to have them checked regularly. This was demanded by the chairman of the board of the commercial health insurance (KKH), Ingo Kailuweit, in the "Rheinische Post". The KKH boss justified this with the well-known high risk of interactions and side effects with ongoing polypharmacy.

Older people suffer from polypharmacy
Polypharmacy is mentioned when more than five active pharmaceutical ingredients are used every day. According to the 2013 drug report, this problem affects a third of all insured. Half of the elderly aged between 80 and 94 are affected. "On average, men over the age of 65 take 7.3 active substances a day, for women in this age group it is 7.2," said the Barmer GEK last year. The reason for this oversupply is the fact that over 65-year-olds have an average of four doctors: a general practitioner, an ophthalmologist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a gynecologist in women and a urologist in men. They would prescribe multiple medications each.

One medication error every eight seconds “Especially those who have to take more than five medications at the same time often suffer from side effects and interactions. A mandatory pill check would be helpful for this risk group, ”says Kailuweit. "In Germany, it is estimated that a patient is affected by a medication error every eight seconds," the KKH boss explained his demand. Patients in inpatient care are particularly affected.

The demand is more of a discussion contribution. According to Kailuweit, such tests could be taken over by "an independent institute with pharmacological experts for drug safety." would primarily be the patients, but also the solidarity-based health care system if fewer costs would result from fewer subsequent illnesses. ”The“ Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung ”said that the required medication check was more of a contribution to the discussion than a one fully developed concept. (sb)

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