Techniker Krankenkasse: Additional contribution in 2015?

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Techniker Krankenkasse predicts additional contribution from 2015

According to its own statements, the Techniker Krankenkasse does not want to charge any additional contributions. This promise would also be kept if many other health insurers made an additional contribution in 2015. However, one does not want to commit 100 percent for the time afterwards. Experts anticipate that some health insurance companies will raise additional contributions once the cash contributions have been reduced.

Since the health care reform, health insurance companies have been able to levy an additional contribution. Since the economy has boomed in recent years and unemployment has dropped, the statutory health insurance companies have been able to generate a billion surplus in many cases. According to many experts, this could soon be over. If the subsidies from the health fund are no longer sufficient, the health insurers can charge a so-called flat-rate additional contribution. "We have no plans to do this," TK spokesman Hermann Bärenfänger emphasized to "Manager-Magazin". In an interview with TK boss Jens Baas, the additional contributions were not completely excluded. This had led to insecurity among the insured.

With almost 9 million insured persons, Techniker Krankenkasse is one of the largest health insurers in Germany. According to the fund, a large number of “high earners” and “voluntarily insured” would be among the members. If the TK raised additional contributions, this could cause a change of members. The additional income from the additional contributions could quickly turn out to be a financial fiasco. Especially if other health insurers continue to get by without the lump sum contribution.

Cash contribution is reduced
The health insurance funds are already looking forward to restructuring the health insurance funds at the beginning of 2015. The black and yellow federal government, for example, plans to lower the contribution rate from 15.5 to 14.6 percent. If funds come into difficulties due to the regulation, they should raise an additional contribution. With this step, the federal government is apparently planning to reform the till market. Because of the growing competition it could be that some cash registers close.

The cashier was pessimistic in the interview. The reduced cash contribution will not be enough. There will certainly be a few funds that will initially use up their reserves, which will then last a year or two so that they do not have to collect any additional contributions. "But that will be the exception. It is not unrealistic that the average additional contribution will be 1.2 percent. The Techniker Krankenkasse will, however, be significantly lower," said Baas when asked whether TK would also do so from 2015 Will collect additional contributions.

But now the TK is backtracking. The cash register spokesman emphasized that the technicians are among the providers who have high reserves. Therefore there is "2015 no additional contribution". However, the spokesman did not want to be determined how long the TC would get by without an additional contribution. It is still not known today "how income and expenditure or the tax subsidy will develop."

However, the Federal Insurance Office already knows today that if the economic situation remains the same, there will be an average additional premium of 1.6 percent by 2017 at the latest. In a study, the unions had warned of even higher flat-rate contributions. So it can happen that members have to shell out up to 100 euros per month. But that would only be the case from 2025. (sb)

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