Good deeds as an alternative to the "beer nomination"

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Instead of "beer nomination": do good deeds

For weeks, the new trend "beer nomination" on Facebook has been inspiring more and more, especially young people. Not everyone finds the questionable drinking game harmless, but see it as a health hazard among other things. Socially committed students have now started an alternative.

Questionable drinking game More and more people are enjoying the new trend "beer nomination" on Facebook. In the questionable drinking game, the participants film themselves drinking half a liter of beer on ex and then nominate three friends who have to do the same. Those who refuse should pay a crate of beer according to the rules. The trend, which is also known under the name of "Neknomination" or "Socialbeergame", probably started in Australia, and from there it spread rapidly to Germany.

Minister calls for measures from Facebook After it became known that the “game” had already led to deaths, the discussion about it intensified. In Ireland, authorities have already warned of online drinking games and are calling on Facebook to take action. Irish communications minister Pat Rabbitte told the news agency dpa: "It must be possible for a highly profitable and international company like Facebook to develop a method that highlights the dangers of" necnominations "for users."

Good deeds instead of alcohol In a completely different way, a group of socially committed Austrian students tries to resist the questionable drinking game. In her “Change Nomination” initiative, the focus is on good causes instead of alcohol. The goal is to do good deeds and make the world a little better. The principle is the same as for "beer nomination": you film yourself with a good deed, for example when donating food or clothes, put the video online and ask three friends to do the same within 48 hours. This social engagement triggered a chain reaction and meanwhile users from countries like Germany, Japan, Australia or South Africa have sent short clips to the initiative.

Alcohol is a health hazard and the request to consume it is by no means harmless. In Germany, around 9.5 million people consume alcohol in a health-risk form and around 1.3 million people are considered to be alcohol-dependent, as can be seen from the federal government's drug report for 2013. In Germany alone, 74,000 people die each year from the direct and indirect consequences of their alcohol abuse. The most common diseases caused by long-term alcohol consumption include cirrhosis of the liver, damage to the brain as well as heart muscle and cancer diseases such as liver cancer or esophageal cancer. (ad)

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