3rd VDH Naturopathy Symposium

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3rd VDH Naturopathy Symposium takes place in Leipzig

The 3rd (VDH) takes place on Saturday, March 1st, 2014, at the Ramada Hotel, Schongauerstrasse 39, 04329 Leipzig. This year's Hahnemann Medal will also be presented as part of the one-day event, which is expected to include numerous alternative practitioners as well as all professional candidates and physicians working in natural sciences from Saxony and neighboring areas. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, born in Meissen in 1755, was a German doctor and is considered the founder of homeopathy.

Quiris Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG from Gütersloh is the current winner of the award, which is only awarded every four years. "Quiris relies on innovation without sacrificing the tried and tested", according to the verdict of Heinz Kropmanns, President of the Association of German Naturopaths (VDH) eV is only the second company to receive this award. Previous winners included:

Hermann Forschepiepe, President of the German Public Health Movement
Prof. Dr. Julius Hackethal, medical doctor and pioneer of holistic cancer therapy
Prof. J.Issels, cancer doctor
Dr. Manfred Köhnlechner, naturopath and publicist
Helmut Rödler, Pharma Biologica GmbH + Wormser Academy for Medicine and Reformed Therapies e.V.
Ekkehard S. Scharnick, naturopath and president of the VDH e.V.
Heinz Kropmanns, naturopath and president of the VDH e.V.
Karl-F. Liebau, naturopath and former editor-in-chief naturopathic practice
Prof. Manfred Eichel, naturopath and FFB director of VDH e.V. Thuringia

This year's program of the 3rd Naturopathy Symposium and the accompanying industrial exhibition starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. with a raffle. It offers visitors 21 lectures spread over the day - from various approaches to bowel, light and pain therapy to migraines as a common disease to new insights from infectology. In addition, all participants have the opportunity for further professional training in naturopathic therapy procedures, updating updated legislation and getting to know new products from around 40 exhibiting naturopathic pharmaceutical companies, technology and service providers. Entry to the entire lecture program, including lunch, is € 5.00. (pm)

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