Are nasal sprays spinning germs?

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Are nasal sprays spinning germs? A study has investigated this question

In an Australian study, scientists were able to show that patients with rhinosinusitis who use a nasal spray may become infected themselves again and again by using the spray.

In patients with rhinosinusitis, the researchers took swabs from the middle nasal meatus, the nasal vestibule, and the tip of the spray bottle. The content of the spray was also examined microbiologically.

Staphylococci were found in the nasal cavity in all patients. The majority of the test subjects also found the spray to be positive. The cross-contamination rate was 71% for the carrier of the germ and 20% based on all subjects. The spray liquid was microbiologically perfect. Scientists fear that if they use the sprays, patients may be able to reinfect themselves with bacteria all the time.

The spray tip can be cleaned of germs with the following measures: washing off in boiling water, wiping with alcohol and irradiating the tip in the microwave for one minute. Cold water or dishwashing detergent did little or nothing. (pm)

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