Virus testing can save antibiotics

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Virus testing can save antibiotics

Viruses or bacteria? This is the question that doctors often face in winter, given the large number of patients with respiratory infections. An innovative quick test can make diagnosis easier and save unnecessary antibiotics. For the first time worldwide, the test enables simple and quick detection of the virus marker Neopterin directly in practice.

Viruses are the cause of more than 80% of acute respiratory infections1, and many of the affected patients receive antibiotics unnecessarily. The distinction between viral and bacterial respiratory infections is more important than ever due to the massive increase in antibiotic resistance. The new Neopterin rapid test (InfectCheck® NeoPT, concile GmbH) can help to reduce the inadequate use of antibiotics.

Neopterin is a non-specific virus marker that is released from macrophages when the immune system is activated via TH1 helper cells. Since neopterin is increased in all viral infections in contrast to bacterial infections, the virus marker enables the distinction between viral and bacterial infections. For serum concentrations ≥10 nmol / l, neopterin shows a sensitivity of 96.9% in viral respiratory infections.1 The additional measurement of the C-reactive protein can help to rule out mixed infections. (pm)

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