Cold nose: Ointment from essential oils helps

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For the runny nose, ointment with essential oil helps

With the sudden onset of winter, the runny nose comes. According to the Lower Saxony Chamber of Pharmacists, ointments with essential oil are highly recommended against the stuffy nose. However, caution should be used when using nasal sprays. Because excessive and long use can lead to increased side effects. The Chamber of Pharmacists therefore advises that “nasal sprays or drops should only be used at night for a restful sleep and should not be used for longer than seven days.”

According to the Chamber of Pharmacists of Lower Saxony, "if the affected person cannot breathe freely again after a week despite a nasal spray," a doctor should be consulted so that they can rule out a serious illness. "" Sprays with sterile, isotonic saline or sea salt "are recommended as nasal sprays. to loosen the slime in a gentle way. According to the Chamber of Pharmacists, nasal douches and steam baths can also be used against nasal congestion. Although they have no decongestant effect on the mucous membranes, ointments with essential oils from eucalyptus, peppermint or pine needles also help those affected to breathe freely again due to their cooling effect, reports the Chamber of Pharmacists.

Risk of getting used to nasal sprays According to the Chamber of Pharmacists, long-term use of nasal sprays with decongestant substances carries the risk of getting used to them. As soon as the effect of the nasal spray wears off, the mucous membranes become particularly well supplied with blood, causing them to swell. If patients do not use the nasal spray, they therefore feel like they have a stuffy nose and need to use nasal spray. In the long run, the mucous membranes dry out, which means that they can no longer fulfill their defense function and the risk of a bacterial infection increases, according to the Chamber of Pharmacists. So-called bark would also form in the nasal cavities. As a result of the damage to the mucous membrane, increased nasal blood is also to be expected. (fp)

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