Cold can help you lose weight

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Cool temperatures increase well-being and help you lose weight

Cold weather can obviously have a positive effect on well-being and also help you lose weight. This is currently reported by a team of Dutch scientists in the specialist magazine "Cell Press". According to this, regular freezing leads to the body getting better used to the cold - on the other hand, those who only stay in comfortably warm rooms are at increased risk of obesity.

Staying in well-heated rooms increases the risk of obesity. When it gets colder outside, the temperature in many apartments is pleasantly warm. However, as the Dutch researchers Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, Boris Kingma, Anouk van der Lans and Lisje Schellen from the "Maastricht University Medical Center" currently write in the online magazine "Cell-Press", constant heat obviously has a rather negative effect on the body and even increases your risk of obesity. On the other hand, anyone who regularly stays in cooler rooms would not only feel more comfortable, but would also lose body fat at the same time.

Decreasing body fat values ​​at 17 degrees Celsius According to the article, scientists from Japan had examined subjects who had been in a room at 17 degrees Celsius for two hours a day for six weeks and were able to determine decreasing body fat values. In contrast, the body has greater problems in dealing with temperature fluctuations in people who are only in heated rooms at cold outside temperatures, the researchers continue. This increases the risk of obesity for them.

“Brown fat cells” rise over a long period of time in cool rooms According to the report, a Dutch research team had also investigated the effects of having subjects spend six hours a day at temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius for ten days. There was something surprising here: on the one hand, the cold had a positive effect on the well-being of the test subjects, on the other hand there was an increase in the "brown fat cells", which are able to produce heat through the oxidation of fatty acids and therefore contrary to Do not make "white fat" fat.

Temperature training helps to train the cardiovascular system. Scientists can therefore be presumed that fluctuating indoor temperatures could have a positive effect on health. Constant heat, on the other hand, could possibly increase not only the risk of weight gain, but also for other diseases: “Letting our body use more energy to maintain the thermal balance could have a positive impact on the health of the entire population. In addition, temperature training through regular mild cold keeps the peripheral vascular system in motion (for example, by changing the narrowing of the blood vessels due to cold and widening of the blood when it is warm), and thereby helps to train the cardiovascular system, ”the scientists in their article. (No)

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