Carer apparently killed out of boredom

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Carer apparently killed out of boredom

A 38-year-old nurse charged with murder is said to be responsible for the premature death of five patients between March 2003 and June 2005. According to the Oldenburg public prosecutor's office, the crimes occurred in the intensive care unit in the Delmenhorst clinic. In order to be able to demonstrate his medical abilities, the accused had injected the patient with the active ingredient ajmaline, thereby accepting the death. The drug caused cardiac arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation and a drop in blood pressure.

Boredom as a motive for crime Another motive for crime was supposed to be boredom. In three cases, his actions led to the death of the patients. In the other two cases, he is charged with attempted murder. Autopsies after exhumation of the dead were able to detect all ajmalin, even though they had not been treated with the drug during the treatment period. In the event of a conviction in accordance with the indictment, the accused may face life imprisonment and preventive detention.

Hospital report is cause for concern In this context, the recently published AOK hospital report could make some people feel uneasy when they are hospitalized. According to the report, around 19,000 patients in German hospitals die annually due to treatment errors or antibiotic-resistant hospital germs (MRSA) as a result of poor hygiene, said the head of the Institute for Health System Research at the University of Witten / Herdecke and co-editor of the AOK study, Max Geraedts. However, it is not sufficiently clear whether these figures should be considered as relevant statistics. The AOK data sources from 2007 served as the basis for the report. At that time, the “Patient Safety” campaign alliance commissioned a study that the authors of the AOK report rated as sufficient. As a result, estimates of the current situation in the hospitals were derived. (fr)

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