Angela Merkel for homeopathy?

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Angela Merkel found brave words for homeopathy at the CDU's small party conference in Berlin in December - for a politician. "Let's talk about homeopathy in the party," the Chancellor said.

The CDU should open itself up to the members with their everyday worries and issues, as they are also discussed at home in the families. She gave examples of nutrition, homeopathy, life in old age and with children. And who knows the issues of families - at least the CDU families - better than the Chancellor?

The media echo for the small party conference made Merkel's homeopathy commitment a topic. So it said in a news agency: "Homeopathy? So so. Of course, one has to assume that a chairperson knows her party and its members better than anyone else. And it may be that homeopathy is the topic that lasts for weeks and weeks
Months determines the being and thinking of Christian Democratic families. One only wonders how the CDU wants to advance homeopathy or how homeopathy the CDU? ”

Merkel as a conservative "revolutionary"? "Let's say all of this and don't think that it shouldn't actually be included in the conservative profile." Even her "most conservative predecessors" were really revolutionary, Merkel claimed: "When Helmut Kohl dissolved the denominational school, people also thought "The West flutes and in the end it was right and a contribution to a people's party," she said. (pm)

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