Baby corpse disappeared in Herner clinic

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Mysterious disappearance of a baby corpse in the Herne hospital

The body of a deceased baby has disappeared from a clinic in Herne in North Rhine-Westphalia in an unexplained manner. The parents are horrified, the police have started the search and the hospital is in need of explanations. Actually, the premature baby who died last week should have been buried on Friday, according to media reports. However, the body was not in its intended place in the morgue.

After an emergency operation, the premature baby died last Tuesday in the Marienhospital in Herne. As the management of the clinic told the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), the girl had previously been transferred from Wuppertal to Herne for pediatric surgery. The premature operation did not survive, however. According to the managing director of the clinic, Theo Freitag, the child was wrapped in a cloth by a nurse - as is usual in such cases - and put in a bed with a teddy bear and transferred to the mortuary. This is a closed room, the key of which is at the gate of the clinic. How the baby's body could disappear from the mortuary is therefore “completely uncertain,” quotes the WAZ, the clinic's managing director.

Prosecutor's office has opened an investigation The corpse was missing when the undertaker wanted to pick it up for the funeral on Friday. There was no body in the bed provided. According to media reports, the parents were already waiting for the funeral at the cemetery in Wuppertal. Your outrage is therefore understandable. According to the news agency “dpa”, the parents are currently examining possible legal steps against the hospital. The public prosecutor's office had also launched an investigation into the possible disturbance to the dead rest. How the corpse could disappear from the storage room of the hospital remains initially unclear. (fp)

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