Dry eyes can indicate a lack of vitamins

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Vitamin deficiency: a reason for eye diseases

American doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston had diagnosed an enigmatic eye condition in a 32-year-old American. In addition to a red and dry eye, the eye crusted while the patient was sleeping.

The man who had used drugs in the past refrained from going to the doctor and treated himself instead. Only when he saw only one blur in one eye and could only be differentiated between light and dark with the other eye, did he decide to have an examination allow. He had no pain. This was reported by Melvin Blanchard and his colleagues in "The New England Journal of Medicine".

During the examinations, the doctors diagnosed pain in the right hip that had been radiating to the knee for about a week, as well as acne and a rash on the lower legs. Nothing unusual at first glance. The medical team only discovered several problems during the eye examination. In addition to massive damage to the cornea and a purulent eye, the doctors noticed spot bleeding in the patient's mouth and nodules with reddish discoloration on the legs. In psychiatric examinations, the physicians noticed the patient's lack of emotional sensation, but the symptoms were not recognizable. The blood test also showed no autoimmune disease or staph infection that could have been responsible.

Drug consumption increases vitamin requirements In the search for the correct diagnosis, doctors focus on drug consumption. The partially smoked illegal drugs could be a cause of eye problems, because crack, for example, crack but also methamphetamine attack the nerves of the cornea. Inadequate blinking as a result of consumption could have led to dryness, which then no longer supplied the blood vessels and cells of the eyes with nutrients. Regular wetting with tear fluid is necessary.

Scurvy - rare deficiency symptoms in industrialized nations Because of the symptoms, emaciated, psychologically conspicuous and with unusual hair growth, nodules and redness on the body, but also scurvy came into question for the doctors. This disease is actually considered to be extremely rare in industrialized countries. Broken nails, dry skin and eyes, anemia, persistent headaches, increased tiredness and fatigue as well as poor wound healing are often associated with a lack of vitamins and ultimately led the doctors on the right track.

So, for example, vitamin A, which can often lead to dry eyes and corneal problems if there is insufficient supply. Laboratory tests of blood levels showed values ​​that were far below the average of the population and, to the astonishment of the doctors, the patient lacked any vitamin D. As a result of the vitamin treatment, the skin complaints improved and the hip pain also disappeared. However, the Boston doctors see the cause of the dramatic lack of vitamins in the patient's diet and not in the previous drug consumption.

A balanced diet provides the body with all the essential substances that are needed every day. Vitamins in particular, which are mainly found in fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, whole grains, nuts and vegetable oils, must be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities. Smokers, but also some people who have to take medication permanently due to a chronic illness, may develop a higher need. You should pay more attention to a healthy diet. (fr)

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