Changing weather: poor roadworthiness

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Driving conditions can be affected by changeable weather

Fluctuating temperatures, sometimes rain, sometimes dry: the current weather is bothering many people in this country. The changing weather can have an unpleasant impact, especially for drivers, because it can impair their ability to drive.

Only fit people should drive a car Most people are aware that medication or alcohol can impair their ability to drive. However, the changeable weather can also have an impact on it, and so the Deutsche Verkehrswacht (DVW) advises everyone affected to only get behind the wheel if they really feel fit. According to the DVW, the consequences of changing weather conditions can impair the ability to drive through typical symptoms such as headaches, circulatory problems or sleep disorders, which lead to tiredness and a reduction in the ability to react. In addition, sensitivity to light and glare had a negative impact on responsiveness and performance.

Medicines do not improve the situation These complaints can increase the risk of accidents, as disgruntled or tired drivers may react too late or incorrectly to dangerous situations. The DVW also warns those affected that the situation cannot be improved by taking medication for the symptoms. Appropriate medication could also cause tiredness, dizziness or visual disturbances. Therefore, before taking a preparation, it is advisable to speak to a doctor or pharmacist about the possible effects on the ability to drive. As early as 2010, a study by French scientists found that around three percent of accidents were caused by medication.

Limb pain due to changeable weather According to the DVW, the changeable weather can also lead to limb pain, which is also an obstacle at the wheel. This makes it difficult to look at the shoulders, possibly even reaching around the steering wheel and the brake pedal may not be able to be pressed quickly enough.

Mood fluctuations of weather-sensitive people Mood fluctuations, from which weather-sensitive people often suffer, should not be underestimated. The DVW therefore advises all those who are concerned about the temperature up and down not to drive. The tolerance to driving errors in other and difficult traffic situations could decrease through the whole exertion. There is then a risk that those affected may be carried away to rash and sometimes dangerous actions. (ad)

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