Yawning has a relaxing effect on the eyes

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Through hearty yawning, new oxygen gets into the cells of the eyes

Computer work makes your eyes tired. Especially people who spend a long time in front of the screen every day suffer from tired, dry eyes. But a simple remedy can help: if you yawn heartily, you can relax your eyes. The Kuratorium Gutes Augen (KGS) in Berlin advises this.

Yawning brings tired eyes back to life. Constantly looking at the computer screen can quickly tire your eyes. They become dry, start to burn and redden. To prevent this, simple exercises help, as the KGS informs. This is how strong yawning works against tired eyes. This would provide the cells with new oxygen and loosen the tense muscles in the face, neck and diaphragm. The eye experiences a relaxation.

Blinking helps dry eyes so that the visual organ is wetted with tear fluid, according to the KGS. Eye drops may also be necessary for very dry eyes.

An eye massage is also relieving. The skin of the root of the nose is held between two fingers, while the index finger of the other hand is moved in a circular motion over the forehead above the root of the nose.

The KGS informs that heat can also have a relaxing effect on the eyes. When the palms are first rubbed together and warmed and then placed on the closed eyes, they relax. After breathing deeply in and out a few times, the eyes should be opened with blinking eyelids. (ag)

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