In the event of sudden hearing loss, see an ENT doctor immediately

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Dull, "wadding" feeling in the ear often indicates a sudden hearing loss

Just a moment ago, every sound could be heard clearly, but suddenly there is a dull, "wadding" feeling in the ear and hearing is limited. In such a case, it is usually a so-called "sudden hearing loss", which can vary greatly and can range from relatively harmless to complete deafness. Circulatory disorders in the inner ear, autoimmune diseases or stress: there are many possible causes, but the specific mechanism of origin has not yet been clarified.

Hearing loss usually occurs suddenly without any recognizable cause "All of a sudden I had such a dull, wadding feeling in my ear and could no longer hear properly" - this is how many patients describe their symptoms before the doctor makes the diagnosis "hearing loss". Hearing loss, which is also called "ear infarction", usually occurs completely abruptly, with no apparent cause and in many cases only on one side. In addition to the "dull, waddy feeling" in the ear, sudden hearing loss is associated with a reduced hearing ability, which remains relatively low, but in more severe cases can also mean complete hearing loss. However, diagnosing a sudden hearing loss is not easy because the specific triggers cannot be determined. Therefore, according to Professor Karl Hörmann from the German Society for Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery in Bonn, a so-called "exclusion diagnosis" is made: "If the cause of the hearing loss has been clarified - for example, otitis media or a blast trauma - you do not speak of a sudden hearing loss, but only if you have not found any other reason, "explains the doctor to the" world ".

Hypertension and metabolic disorders as possible causes There are many theories about the causes of a sudden hearing loss, but the specific mechanisms of origin have not yet been clearly clarified Professional association of ear, nose and throat specialists told the newspaper that, according to Professor Hörmann, high blood pressure and high levels of fat and cholesterol could also lead to a sudden hearing loss, and the effects of stress should not be underestimated - but this is where the expert comes in on how individuals deal with stressful situations, as well as other suspected risk factors such as obesity, smoking and fat metabolism disorders that could lead to hearing loss.

Sudden hearing loss can also be a symptom of diabetes or arteriosclerosis. According to Hörmann, people who have good strategies for reducing stress are likely to be less at risk for repeated hearing loss: “As a rule, sudden hearing loss is a one-off event, but the inner ear can become damaged in people who are not able to cope with stress Develop stress organs so that their hearing curve keeps sinking with greater tensions, ”the doctor continued to tell the newspaper. Often it is not "just" reduced hearing and the dull feeling in the ear, instead dizziness, tinnitus or a strong sensitivity to noise are often added. In addition, a sudden hearing loss can also be a symptom of another disease, such as occlusion of the ear canal due to the so-called "ear wax" (cerumen), a skull fracture or shingles, but also arteriosclerosis or diabetes mellitus.

In the event of hearing changes, see a doctor immediately. In the event of changes in hearing and a "wadding" feeling in the ear, an appointment with the ear doctor or ear, nose and throat doctor should be made as soon as possible - in order to rule out other diseases and to be able to start therapy quickly. Since the exact cause of the sudden hearing loss is not known, it is difficult to treat a sudden hearing loss - instead, according to Michael Deeg from the German Professional Association of Otorhinolaryngologists, there are a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as the use of cortisone to fight inflammation and Swelling in the inner ear or infusions to improve blood flow.

Coping with stress to prevent sudden hearing loss However, if there is a suspicion that stress was the primary cause of the sudden hearing loss, it is important to learn appropriate treatment of stress in addition to medical treatment, especially in the case of persistent symptoms such as tinnitus. There are many ways to reduce stress such as sport, relaxation techniques (e.g. autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation), hypnosis or yoga. In addition, naturopathy offers a number of natural "stress killers" such as Schüssler salts, homeopathy or aromatherapy, which have proven themselves in many cases. “Lavender is particularly useful here, because its ingredients have a calming effect in stressful situations, help with sleep disorders and alleviate anxiety. Even with high blood pressure or stomach problems as a result of stress, lavender often works little miracles, ”says the naturopath Susanne Hoppe from Hanover. The effect can be achieved quickly and easily, for example by adding lavender oil to the bath water or placing dried lavender flowers in small scented sachets on the pillow. (No)

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