Canadian dies of avian influenza virus H5N1

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First case of the bird flu variant "H5N1" in North America

In North America, the first person to die from the H5N1 bird flu virus. A Canadian from the province of Alberta suddenly had severe nausea on the return flight from China at the end of December, and died a few days later in a clinic. It is now clear that the woman - probably during a trip to China - was infected with the dangerous bird flu variant "H5N1". However, the Canadian authorities have no reason to assume that the population is at risk.

First symptoms of illness on the return flight from China
The first case of fatal infection with the bird flu virus H5N1 is now known in Canada. According to the Canadian Ministry of Health, a woman from the western province of Alberta showed the first symptoms of avian flu after a trip to China on the return flight from Beijing to Edmonton on December 27 last year and was subsequently treated in the hospital - where she finally January passed away.

"Very rare and isolated case"
As studies have now shown, the woman had apparently been infected with the influenza A virus H5N1, the causative agent of the so-called "avian flu H5N1", which occurs relatively rarely in humans, but in most cases it is fatal. But there is no need to panic for the Canadian authorities, because so far an isolated case has been assumed - even if it has not yet been clarified exactly how and where the woman was infected. "This is a very rare and isolated case. Avian flu is not easily transferable from person to person. It is not the same virus that is currently present in Alberta's seasonal influenza, ”said Alberta's leading medical officer, Dr. James Talbot told the Canadian daily newspaper “The Globe and Mail”.

380 fatalities in the past ten years
So far, the bird flu variant “H5N1” has occurred in people, especially in Asia and Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 641 people have been infected worldwide over the past ten years, 380 people have died. Most of the cases were in Indonesia (194 cases / 162 fatalities), Egypt (173/63) and Vietnam (125/62). (No)

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