Tired eyes: exercises to relax

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Tired eyes - simple exercises to relax

Our eyes are in constant use every day. The daily work on the computer screen places particular strain on the visual organ. In many people, the fixed gaze leads to burning eyes and eye pain. With short relaxation exercises in between at the desk, the stress can be counteracted. Special utensils are not required for this. The Kuratorium Gutes Augen (KGS) in Berlin also recommends this. It is advisable to take a look into the distance. There are a lot of tips and exercises on this topic. In the following, we have put together four quick exercises that are recommended by the KGS and the AOK to help you get a clear overview again.

Darken and warm by simply rubbing the palms together, which are then placed on the closed eyes, can be brought about quickly and easily. The heat triggers this effect and by simultaneously breathing deeply in and out, the eyes are relieved and the body is relaxed. A comfortable sitting position at the table should be taken beforehand.

Yawning has an effect With yawning, moistening and cleaning of the eyes can be initiated very easily and effectively. When yawning, your eyes reflexively fill with tears. Your eyes will get wet and your eyes will just go away. In addition, the facial muscles relax and the oxygen supply is increased. Repeat just as often until enough liquid has collected in the eyes.

Looking into the distance In this exercise, one looks away from the screen, possibly out of the window, at five different objects. These should all be at different distances and each should be targeted for a few seconds. This exercise sets the inner and outer eye muscles in motion and promotes the flexibility of the eye lens. An ideal exercise that, in contrast to office work, which mainly focuses on nearby objects, frees the muscles from constant tension.

Eye massage According to the KGS, this exercise involves simply leaning back in the office chair and closing your eyes. With two fingers, the skin on the eyebrows is slightly pinched and the fingers simultaneously stroke from the inside out. This massage brings about the most noticeable relaxation of the eyes for many people. Optionally, a uniform circular movement on the forehead can also be carried out with the two middle fingers.

How long these exercises should last varies. Depending on how tired the eyes are, they should be repeated until relaxation is achieved. (fr)

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