North GmbH takes over Infirmarius

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The insolvent pharmaceutical manufacturer Infirmarius is saved. The company was sold to North GmbH - Pharmaceutical Preparations, which is mostly held by the brothers Bernd and Franz Kohl. 18 of the former 28 jobs will remain after the takeover.

Infirmarius GmbH is a pharmaceutical company specializing in complex homeopathy based in Göppingen. The Göppingen pharmacist Willi Hägele founded the company around 60 years ago, and since 2003 it has been part of the French Group Lehning. Infirmarius sells drop and injection preparations, tablets and tea blends as well as the well-known Swedish drink, a gastric elixir with a long tradition. The core competence is above all the treatment of infectious diseases and mental disorders. A change in the approval practice for pharmaceuticals and a strategic realignment of the French parent company had led to the bankruptcy application.

The majority of Infirmarius is taken over by North GmbH from the founders of the companies magnet - activ Arzneimittel and St. Johanser Naturmittel GmbH, Franz and Bernd Kohl. Both have been at home in the field of complementary and regulatory medicine for over 30 years and have been committed to the preservation of naturopathic concepts and medicines for decades.

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