Animal bones found in Melitta coffee

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You can find rodents' bones in "Bella Crema" coffee

Bones in coffee? A 33-year-old man from Hilden (North Rhine-Westphalia) apparently found remains of animal bones in a pack of Melitta "Bella Crema" coffee beans. As the "Neue Westfälische" currently reports in its online edition, according to studies by the consumer protection office of the district of Mettmann, it would probably be the bones of a mouse or rat. According to the company "Melitta", it can be assumed that the contamination took place in the country of origin of the green coffee and is an individual case - however, to be on the safe side, the entire batch was identified and traced.

Again and again food scandals Whether broken glass in pasta sauces or salmonella in onion sausage - there are always recalls due to contamination or foreign bodies in food. Now a 33-year-old man from Hilden (Mettmann district) has apparently made another unsavory find: When decanting coffee beans of the "Bella Crema" brand from the Melitta company in Minden, he discovered that, according to his own information, bone remains were apparently from an animal.

Coffee pack and bone residue examined by the consumer protection office As reported by, the man immediately contacted the company after the find at the end of last week and was on the next day by employees of the company and the consumer protection office of the district of Mettmann to clarify the If visited. According to Tanja Wucherpfennig, head of the department PR department, “the coffee pack and the foreign body identified as bone [.] Were handed over to the authority for further investigation. Final test results should be available in about two to three weeks. "

Remains most likely come from a rodent According to initial investigations, the consumer protection office should assume that the bones "very likely" come from a rodent, mouse or rat - however, the remains would not pose any health risk, the newspaper continues . But how the bones got into the coffee is still unclear. According to Tanja Wucherpfennig, the "Bella Crema" coffee was produced in September last year. "For safety's sake, the entire batch was therefore identified and traced," the PR chief added, according to the Neue Westfälische. In addition, "a reserve sample [.] opened in the presence of a sworn expert and was free of foreign components. ”The company would therefore assume that the contamination had taken place in the country of origin of the green coffee and was therefore an isolated case.

Generally high quality and hygiene standards at Melitta? As Tanja Wucherpfennig further emphasizes, the highest quality and hygiene standards would apply to the Melitta group of companies Bentz KG, which is based in Minden, both for the delivery of the raw coffee and for the roasting and packaging of the products. The "closed production process" would be checked regularly internally and by independent experts - according to the Neue Westfälische, the last investigation had only taken place eight weeks ago.

Information for consumers on "" Again and again new food scandals, contaminations and burdens that frighten consumers. However, these cannot be completely avoided, because the surveillance should always be complete, “but one hundred percent foreign bodies cannot be ruled out,” explains Bernhard Burdick of the NRW consumer center. On the "" page of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, consumers can at least find out about the products affected and thus avoid consumption. According to the Federal Office, "public warnings and information within the meaning of Section 40 of the Food and Feed Code" are published, which "are generally indications from the responsible authorities of public information or a withdrawal or recall campaign by the Food business operator ”. (No)

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