The cutlery should not be in the dishwasher

Many kitchen utensils do not belong in the dishwasher

After cooking and eating, the dishes, pots and other cooking utensils must also be cleaned again. Not exactly an activity that definitely brings joy. Probably the one who owns a dishwasher. But what can you actually wash off safely in it?

Cutlery made of plastic or wood should preferably be washed by hand, because in the long run they lose their color and get small cracks. Jens-Heinrich Beckmann from the Household and Cutlery Industry Association in Solingen, advises generally not to put cooking utensils with wood or solid, robust plastic in the dishwasher. It does not matter whether they are marked as "dishwasher-safe". “It's like a wristwatch: Waterproofed does not mean that you can dive with it. But that she doesn't mind if she falls into it, ”he explains. Because no matter how robust the cooking tool is, the material will start to suffer over time. "The plastic will color, gaps may form between the handle and the blade, and the knives will become blunt." It is best to take them with you in lukewarm water hand rinse and then dry.

In addition to faster wear, cracks in the utensils are also the ideal place for bacteria. It is advisable to put the hand-washed wooden boards upright to dry so that the air can circulate better. Because the warm water causes the wood to swell and bacteria can be trapped. However, this does not mean that wooden boards should therefore be completely dispensed with, because, for example, heavily furrowed plastic boards also offer germs enough attack surface. This is no reason to panic and therefore the entire kitchen does not have to be disinfected immediately. Over time, however, you should rather separate yourself from one or the other heavily worn cooking utensils and make room for new ones. (fr)

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