Social upheaval leads to stress

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Social upheaval leads to stress

According to a recent survey, six out of ten Germans feel stressed. An expert explains that after major social changes, such as the introduction of the Internet, stress-related illnesses are more common.

Six out of ten Germans feel stressed Six out of ten Germans feel stressed, according to a recent survey. In an interview with the “Apotheken Umschau”, private lecturer Dr. Mazda Adli, chief physician at the Fliedner Clinic in Berlin: "Whenever major changes occur in a society, two to three decades later an increased occurrence of stress-related illnesses can be observed." This was the case when electricity was introduced over 100 years ago, "And it is today again after the introduction of the Internet and digital media," says Adli.

Indication of social adjustment process The increased sense of stress is an indication of a social adjustment process. "If we have learned to be more aware of the new communication options, that will change again," the stress researcher told the magazine. The health magazine "Apotheken Umschau" 12/2013 B is available in most pharmacies and is given to customers without additional payment for health advice.

Stress is normal In principle, stress is quite normal to a certain extent, because "positive stress" (eustress) increases attention, increases our performance and motivation - without harming the body. It only becomes difficult when stress occurs too often or permanently and is not mitigated by suitable exercises for reducing stress. Then we perceive stress as negative (distress), feel threatened, overwhelmed and often experience physical consequences, because permanent negative stress increases the risk of (serious) health problems such as stomach problems, bowel problems, high blood pressure, heart disease or back pain. (ad)

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