Second high school diploma: doctor remains unpunished

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Free bet: Ophthalmologist makes second graduation

An ophthalmologist does not have to fear criminal consequences for an unusual bet. He had graduated from high school a second time after 37 years.

Pub bet with friends The Düsseldorf ophthalmologist Dr. Eckhard Roth had started an unusual pub bet with friends. After he had already passed the Abi examination at the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf in 1976, he passed the Abitur a second time 37 years later and passed the exams. He had explained: "We were sitting with old school colleagues and were in a beer mood." As was announced on Friday, he did not have to fear any criminal consequences.

No criminal offense recognizable A spokesman for the public prosecutor told the dpa news agency that the case had been examined in detail and found: "There is no recognizable criminal offense and therefore there is no reason for an investigation."

Fun-free district government Roth, doctor of medicine and physics, who also owns a mathematics diploma, had reacted calmly to the criminal examination: "They are welcome to check everything, I have no problem with that." He also had the step the district government meant: "They are a bit fun-free."

Ophthalmologist has reported himself The authority had argued that the Abitur may only be taken once. The ophthalmologist had therefore applied as a supposed ship cook on a cruise ship with a fake resume, cheating his admission to the exams. He did not mention his successful medical studies. After these backgrounds became known, the district government had asked for the school leaving certificate. "There is no central register for exams," said a spokesman for the district government. Therefore, employees only investigated the case when the ophthalmologist had reported himself. (ad)

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