Cook through the goose due to the danger of salmonella

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Always cook the goose completely before eating it

In order not to become infected with Salmonella, consumers should take care to only eat cooked goose meat. This is indicated by the AID information service in Bonn. Accordingly, the inside of a goose should reach at least 70 degrees. The meat is only cooked when clear juice emerges and it can be easily detached from the leg bone. Consumers should also take some tips into account when buying goose.

Buy goose from organic production and cook well If you want to serve a delicious roast goose for Christmas, you should use a roast thermometer when cooking, as the AID information service reports. This shows the temperature inside the bird so that the oven setting or cooking time can be adjusted if necessary. An unfilled goose takes about 50 minutes to cook per kilogram, a stuffed one about 60 minutes. Due to the risk of Salmonella infection, it is advisable to eat goose meat only when it is fully cooked.

When buying a goose, the origin of the animal should also be taken into account, advises the AID information service. Consumers should choose organic geese at home because they have enough space and time to grow. “This is not only more animal-friendly, it also makes the meat particularly aromatic. It contains less water and fat, ”says a message from the information service. As reported by the Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia, consumers could also buy geese from "free-range farming" or "free-range farming" without worry. (ag)

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