Health is very important to the Germans

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Value index 2014: Germans focus on health on the Internet

Health is put on the number one central value by the German Internet users. The topic took third place two years earlier. This resulted in an evaluation of around 1.7 million articles on German websites, the results of which were summarized in the 2014 value index. According to this, 49 percent of internet users discussed the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Half of Internet users discuss health For the 2014 Value Index, experts led by trend researcher Peter Wippermann examined the importance of pre-selected values ​​such as justice, honesty, freedom, family, security and recognition on the Internet. Wippermann presented the results in Berlin on Tuesday.

It was very surprising that the value of "health" had become so important, Wippermann told the press service "epd". The topic took third place just two years ago. Back then, as in 2009, the value of “freedom” was primarily discussed on the Internet. In the meantime, however, almost half (49 percent) of Internet users exchange information about symptoms of the disease, diagnostic procedures and therapeutic measures. Some seek advice, others share their experiences. The researchers conclude that many people in Germany worry about their bodies and their health. The body is now rated as the "center of our own world" as "location advantage and capital", said Wippermann the press service. Many people would therefore try not only to keep fit with sport, but also to optimize their own bodies.

Security is one of the less important values ​​for the Germans. The trend researcher also pointed to another interesting development. The value "success" was in sixth place in the 2012 value index. In the meantime, it is increasing in importance again, but it is being defined less materially, says Wippermann. According to the report, quality of life is becoming increasingly important, while material gain continues to take a back seat.

The value “security” ranks tenth in the 2014 value index and, according to the experts, plays a rather minor role. Citizens would less rely on the state, but would rather seek security in their everyday lives. For comparison: Security still ranked fifth in the 2012 value index and even fourth in the 2009 evaluation.

The value index has been collected every two years since 2009. He analyzes the value perception of internet users by examining how often and in what context fundamental values ​​of our society are discussed on German websites. It is based on more than 150,000 public entries from users in blogs, forums and communities. (ag)

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