Rub the cut onion with oil

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Cut onions brushed with oil last longer

Cut onions should be rubbed with oil, because then they will last longer. The Bavarian Farmers' Association drew attention to this.

Tip from the farmers' association What do you do if you don't need a whole onion when cooking and roasting? What should happen to the other half? The basic principle is that sliced ​​onions should be consumed quickly, as their aroma will be lost in a short time. The Bavarian Farmers' Association knows a way out. He advises brushing the cut onion with oil and
to keep, because this will keep them a little longer.

Keep onions dry and dark Onions should not be browned too much when roasting, because then they taste bitter. According to the farmers' association, they should only be steamed glassy. The vegetables can also become bitter when crushed if they are crushed. Therefore, a sufficiently sharp knife should always be used. Since onions are best kept dark and dry, the refrigerator is not suitable. Also because its low temperature can lead to a soapy aroma.

Antibacterial effect Due to its antibacterial effect, the onion is an often used home remedy for various diseases such as otitis media or for coughing. The vegetable is also used externally because of its anti-inflammatory effect. For example, after a wasp sting, you can rub the area with a cut onion and let some juice drip on it. If you repeat the whole process again after a few minutes, the symptoms will usually be relieved quickly. (ad)

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