The liver also gets older

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The liver also gets older

With increasing age, diabetes, obesity and also chronic illnesses appear increasingly. This also affects the condition of the liver, whose regenerative capacity also decreases over time. The degradation of pollutants takes place to an ever lesser extent, emphasizes Claus Niederau, board member of Deutsche Leberhilfe. Older people also complain of chronic inflammation, which is often associated with complications. Due to the reduced blood flow and the decrease in liver volume, the liver gradually loses some of its filtering function and toxins are no longer completely broken down.

"There is a risk factor for liver disease, especially in older people who take various medications for other diseases," explains Niederau. This is one of the reasons why infections are more complicated in older people than in younger people. Regular examinations, in which the liver values ​​are checked by a family doctor, should definitely be carried out by older people. Since infections can sometimes be life-threatening in old age, the liver specialist recommends getting vaccinated against hepatitis A virus infections. In addition, a healthy lifestyle and sports activities help the liver to function well even in old age. (fr)

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