Caesarean section births are more common for snoring

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Caesarean section rate increases in snoring pregnant women

Pregnant women who snore are apparently giving birth more frequently by caesarean section than those who do not snore. Babies from snoring pregnant women are also often born with less weight.

Surprising results It is evident that pregnant women who snore are more likely to have a Caesarean delivery than those who do not. This is the surprising result that US researchers at the University of Michigan Health System came to. They reported on their study in the journal “Sleep”, in which 1,673 pregnant women were examined between 2007 and 2010.

Babies are born prematurely and with less weight. According to this, expectant mothers who snore at least three times a week are more likely to have complications that would make a natural birth risky. In addition, the babies of chronic snorers have a two-thirds higher risk of being born prematurely and with a lower weight than babies of the same age. In addition, women who snored before and during pregnancy were most likely to give birth at risk. The problem of more frequent caesarean sections or premature births occurs a little less often in women who only start to snore during pregnancy.

Blood oxygen levels drop According to expert estimates, around 840,000 women and more than 1.5 million men between 30 and 60 years of age suffer from so-called obstructive sleep apnea in Germany. Snoring is the key symptom of sleep apnea. With this symptom, which is caused by apneas during sleep, the oxygen content in the blood drops. Apparently this also leads to poorer development of the unborn child in pregnant women. (ad)

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