World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day provides information about mental illnesses

On the occasion of the “International Mental Health Day” on October 10th, campaigns and events will take place around this day in numerous cities and regions. This nationwide "Mental Health Week" is intended to offer institutions and initiatives the opportunity to present themselves on the subject of mental health and thereby provide information and education for those affected and interested citizens.

Nationwide campaigns and events provide information and education. Around the "World Mental Health Day on October 10th" numerous events on the subject of "Mental Health" will take place nationwide again this year. For the participating institutions and initiatives, the focus is once again on "educating about mental illnesses, showing help and therapy offers and stimulating the discussion", according to the Berlin "Action Alliance for Mental Health". In addition, it is important to deal with how to deal with mentally ill people and to provide relatives, parents, educators, social workers and teachers with the relevant information.

Saarland focuses primarily on the mental health of children and adolescents More than 40 locations and regions take part in campaigns or weeks of action on mental health in the education about mental illnesses. In Saarland, for example, the mental health of children and adolescents will be the main focus during the "Mental Health Week" from October 6th to 20th. With the help of plays, readings, lectures and other events, interested citizens and those affected should be given the opportunity to find out more. Berlin will also be there again this year and from October 10 to 20 will be dealing with various aspects of mental health, such as the demarcation between "still healthy" and "already mentally ill" or mental health in old age. Besides that you will find

Focus on “mental health in old age” But not only Berlin is concerned with mental health in old age, many other organizers are also focusing on this topic, which is becoming increasingly important due to demographic change. But so far, the mental health of older people has been little in the public focus, according to the Alliance for Mental Health, “Depression, organic brain disorders such as memory disorders and dementias, stress disorders in the context of age-related crises, but also anxiety and personality disorders as well as addictions are among them most common clinical pictures. "

WHO has hosted World Mental Health Day since 1992. The World Federation for Mental Health has been held annually on October 10 since 1992 and is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the World Federation for Mental Health . (No)

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