Shortage of doctors expected in Germany from 2025

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From 2025, Germany will have to adjust to a shortage of doctors

The shortage of doctors, which is often announced in the media, will be a few years away. This was the result of an investigation by the Institute of German Economy (IW) in Cologne. According to this, Germany is currently one of the top groups in international comparison when it comes to medical care: statistically, there are 3.84 doctors for 1,000 residents. However, a shortage of doctors can be expected from 2025.

Lack of doctors due to the aging population Germany does not suffer from a lack of doctors. Every year, around 6,600 doctors will retire from their professional lives in the coming years. "However, there are about 10,000 graduates of human medicine each year," says a statement from the IW. With the population remaining the same, the number of doctors rose by 92,000 between 1999 and 2011. "For the time being, the Germans do not need to worry about their medical care," it continues. At least 31,000 foreign doctors are currently practicing in Germany. The IW reports that some of them are German citizens who have studied abroad due to high admission requirements. In terms of the number of doctors with 3.84 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, Germany is one of the front runners in an international comparison. "The USA came to a value of 2.46, Japan to a value of 2.21," said the institute.

Despite the current density of doctors, a shortage of doctors can be expected from 2025. The IW cites as causes above all an increased number of doctors who will retire from working life and the aging population. Due to the demographic change, around 9,500 doctors would have to be replaced. As there are more and more older people, the need for medical care is increasing at the same time. Both together could result in a shortage of doctors. In order to solve the problem, according to the IW, more training positions for human medicine and easier access conditions should be created. "In addition, the immigration conditions for doctors from abroad, which have been significantly eased recently, will have a very positive effect on Germany." (Ag)

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